Apartment and Barn
Zoe Mountain Sunrise
He restoreth my soul; Psalms 23
"Come aside by yourselves....and rest a while";  Mark 6:31  
The 30 x 50' barn offers even more potential.  The
barn area is an open,
(approximately) 30' x 30' space,
excluding the Apartment, leaving lots of room for
shop, animals, hobby, storage, etc.

This is the entry and patio to the spacious 500+ sq ft,
two room apartment with living and kitchen area,
bedroom, closet (with shelves), and a full bathroom
with linen space. There are lots of cabinets in the
kitchen area. This apartment can be a rental space for
hired help, a mother in law quarters, rent for extra
income or just having that special place for guests
and/or customers.   (The apartment has a drain in the
floor.  I originally had it built to be a milk room for
goats, but it turned out too pretty to NOT use for

This view shows you part of the kitchen area.  The doorway you
see, goes into the bedroom.  

This shows you the other view of the kitchen.  Here you can see the
other chair by the main entrance.

This is the living area, there is another chair on the other side of the
room, by the main entrance.  Behind the couch is a door into the

This is the bedroom.  

What you don't see is the bathroom, and the closet.  Doors to both
are in this bedroom.  

The apartment is heated with space heaters and cooled with a
window air conditioner.  

The windows have waffle shades for heating and cooling
Entry for the Apartment