"Come aside by yourselves....and rest a while";  Mark 6:31  
Zoe Mountain Sunrise
I have had many questions about my brown paper
counter tops. Rather than answer a bunch of queries, I
thought I would try and answer all the questions right
here and refer all questions to this page of my website.

First, the brown paper can be grocery bags. I have used
the craft paper like is used to wrap packages for shipping,
it is the same thickness as the grocery sacks. For me,
feed sacks are too flimsy and I don't like the way it
works as well as what I am using.

The procedure can be put on a brand new project, or it
can cover an old countertop. It would have been much
easier to just cover an old countertop. Everything here,
on Zoe Mountain is new construction and our builder
created our countertops from OSB board, cut to my
specifications. I am able to have the size backsplash that
I want and everything.

Ideas to help you be more creative: You can spray paint
the wrinkled brown paper with earth tones, or what ever
color you need as an accent, before you apply it to the
counter tops, (let the sprayed on colors dry before
applying). I would use acrylic paint if I were you, and
create a marble look. I haven't done this as of yet, but,
we have enough building to do that I'm sure it will be
done this way in one of our cabins.

I used "Minwax, Water-Based Polycrylic, clear satin. I
love that it is water soluable. I tore approx hand sized
pieces of paper, wadded them up and put into a box for
me to use all at once. If you don't krinkle it, it is boring.
It is the wrinkles that create the leather look.

The procedure: Tear off pieces of the paper the size of
your hand, (can be biggger or smaller), wad up the pieces,
then straighten them and stack them, ready to use.  
Using the Minwax, paint the countertop, just an area the
size of the paper going on it, take a piece of crumpled
paper and paint one side, slap it down on the wet
countertop and smooth it out with your paintbrush by
painting more Polycrylic on top of the paper, overlapping
each piece as I go. I end up using my hands to smooth it
out and get the bubbles out.  It is a very relaxing
procedure and no way to mess up.

When you are done and it has dried for at least a day,
you can sand the bumps out of it and when you are
finished, make sure you put at least 6 coats on, drying
and optional sanding, between each coat.  I have found
that if it can cure for several weeks, it is much more

What is so cool about these countertops, if you make a
mistake, burn it with a hot pot, any mistakes you find,
just slap on more paper.

We chose to fill our backsplash with handwritten
scripture from our visiting guests. It is beginning to
become really pretty and awesome. I have posted two
pics, I will try and post more.
Going Green
You can see these countertops in the
meeting room and the apartment.