Meeting R00m
Zoe Mountain Sunset
"Come aside by yourselves....and rest a while";  Mark 6:31
This is a 1200 sq ft big room with a bedroom and two bathrooms.   This building has central heat and air, we lived in
this home for two years and enjoyed using the wood burner as our main heat. One bathroom doubles as a laundry
room with toilet only, water heater and cabinets.  

There is a full  kitchen and pantry with a window overlooking the pond.  You can watch the deer while you do the
dishes. The bedroom was originally a covered patio which we turned into a bedroom with double closets and a
window.  The first pictures below, are from when we lived in it.  The bedroom has a garage door opening into the
main room.  Across from the bedroom, on the other side of the main room is another garage door that opens to the
outside onto a large patio.  

This building became our meeting room, but could easily be another home to rent out, or you could turn it into a
restaurant, fitness center, and/or hobby area, again the possibilities are unlimited. Please see all the pictures below.
Front of meeting room with well house/shed and coup.
Main bathroom
Main bathroom
Wood burning fireplace
Laundry Room w/toilet
Laundry Room w/toilet
Looking from bedroom into kitchen area
This was our bedroom.  It is now used for
storage and we close the garage door
when we are hosting a group
I hope you can see the beautiful 'tongue and
groove' pine ceiling
This is after we moved out.
Frequent guests on Zoe Mountain
By the way, did I mention...."There are ALMOST NO mosquitoes on Zoe Mountain"?